Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thank You Notes

Do people not write thank you notes anymore?  I swear in the last year we've been to a few parties or given gifts of some sort to children and have not even received a thank you e-mail or phone call.  Call me old fashioned but it's sort of rude, right?

Whenever the girls receive gifts for their birthdays, Christmas or any other holiday I make a quick list either as they are opening gifts or shortly after they've received them.  Then I hand write a thank you note from either Annika or Annabel.  The cards I have are usually blank and I glue a piece of Annika's artwork to the back of the blank card to make it more custom.  Once Annabel is better with a crayon I'll start doing the same for her.

My parents ALWAYS sat me down after receiving gifts and had me hand write thank you cards.  This is totally something I will be teaching the girls to do too.  I just think it's polite and it shows that they are thankful for what they've received.

Do you typically write thank you notes or have your children write them?  When you don't receive a thank you note what are your feelings?  What do you think when you do receive a thank you card?


  1. I'm a thank you not person. This year my 7 year old was expected to write out his whole thank you note based on a template I wrote. I had him do two a day so it took about a week. In the past I would have him sign his name, or when younger just draw a picture or scribble.

    I try to cut people a break when I don't recieve a thank you note, but I def. feel it is rude not to send on. I went to a baby shower last year and offered to write down the gifts for the new mom. She looked at me like I was crazy and told me "I don't send thank you cards, they are a waste of time." Last present that lady will EVER receive from me.

  2. I absolutely am a thank-you note person, and I am teaching my son to be too. He's five, and we sent artwork before he was able to write, but a few months ago I ordered him some personalized notes and address labels and bought him his own stamps. Now he has his own writing station set up on his desk, and thinks it is incredibly "big" to write a note, stick on the label and stamp by himself, and take it to put it in the box at the post office. If there is nothing else he learns from me (and I hope there is! lol), this is a habit I hope will stick with him for life.

  3. I always send thank you's... my parents always made me as a child. When I have time I've had Collin scribble some stuff in the thank you but he's a little young at this point to get it. I will make him do his own once he's older for sure.

  4. We do thank yous for anything except Christmas. The only reason we don't do them for Christmas is because there are simply so many gifts. We make sure to thank people when they open the gifts and then if there's someone like their aunt living far away, we either call or write. Or at least email. This is not the first time I've heard someone wondering about this. It's a general falling away from manners, I think, in our society in general. Like when I was super huge pregnant waiting to cross the street in the rain, and cars would drive by and stare. Uh, stop please? Or people who won't hold the door when your hands are full. Or you hold the door for someone else and they don't even glance at you or say thank you. That happened once and I said "you're welcome" after they walked in. The one lady did turn around and say thank you, but really? It's that hard? Come on. I'm glad you have your girls writing notes. They sound cute, too!

  5. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. It's not so much the children's birthday parties that bother me. It's the bridal showers, weddings and baby showers that I've attended that I received no thank you for. There is no excuse for not sending out thank you's. You just look lazy and ungrateful if you don't.