Friday, January 11, 2013


~I haven't done a random post in a while, probably because Annabel whines almost constantly and I barely get a chance to just SIT while she's awake!

~I think Annabel is whining because she's getting more teeth.  Poor girl!

~Annabel is such a shy girl and she seems to be getting even shyer.  Yesterday at ballet she didn't even look at anyone without making her pouty face.  But she just LOVES Annika.  Her face lights up when she sees her.

~I'm really hoping Annika behaves in ballet next week.  That child NEEDS this class.  She loves going and seeing other kids.  I'm trying to decide what we'll do next year.  We will definitely be doing a trial class of whatever we decide on.  Josh is thinking a tumbling class would be better since she's so wild and crazy but there's also another dance school right down the street from where we're moving, which is surprising because there is NOTHING where we're moving!!

Here is the naughty ballerina hiding from me yesterday when it was time for bed.

~I need to start packing some of our things that we don't use everyday and that we can live without, like things hanging on the wall and picture frames.  I'm having nightmares thinking about packing with Annika and Annabel getting into everything at the last second!

~We were going to use movers for our move because we live in a 2 floor townhouse right now and since moving here we've bought an entire bedroom set we didn't have when we moved here.  So there's an extra bed (kind sized) and dresser that are both HEAVY.  I started reading reviews on local movers and freaked!  They lie about quotes, steal stuff, do drugs, show up drunk!  Nope, Josh has confirmed 2 guy friends from work, I'd like him to get at least 2 more in case some don't show.  I also need to ask our friend next door to watch the girls so they aren't getting into everything all day.

~Our closing is scheduled for the day after my 30th birthday.  How exciting is that?  I hope that everything gets done in time so we can close on the day they gave us!

~I need a vacation, like to a nice hotel on the beach.  First I need to flatten these baby belly abs though.  I hate the two bathing suits I bought last year and I need a more flattering one PLUS I need to work on my abs.  Not sure how I weight less than I did before I got pregnant with either of the girls but my abs are a mess!

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  1. It's the running. It'll slim you right down.

    Sorry you're invisible at work. I guess it's better than being invisible at home though, right? I hope you find a balance that works for you. You deserve to be recognized for what you do.