Friday, January 25, 2013

Tourist Time

There's a statute in Sarasota by where we live called Unconditional Surrender.  To read more about it click here.

While we were out on Friday we ate at a restaurant walking distance to the statue so like a tourist I made Josh and Annika pose with it. (I actually work walking distance to it too but never feel like going out that far during my lunch breaks.)

I took it with my phone so it's not the greatest picture, I cut the guy's head off!

After I took their picture a line of about 10 different groups of people showed up to take their pictures with the statue.

It's always weird to me to think that people come on vacation to the city that we live in!  Doesn't anyone else find that funny?  Sometimes I'll be on break from work walking around downtown and have tourists realize I'm local (I'm wearing a badge to get into my building so I guess they assume) and asked for directions almost everyday!

I guess we just take for granted what we have right in our own backyard!  I see so many posts on Facebook about freezing temperatures and we've had weather in the 70s all week and it's gorgeous!

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  1. I went to school in Williamsburg, and believe me, I know what it's like to live near and among tourists. The students call them "tourons" or "tourist-morons" because they often ask questions the students find, well, moronic. Like the one time someone asked me where downtown Williamsburg was. Uh, there isn't a downtown, unless you mean the colonial part, and in that case, you're standing in it. But of course to the tourists, they don't know. The best is when you're on Duke of Gloucester Street and they ask where Colonial Williamsburg is. Ha ha.