Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Too Much Going On!

~Ahhhh, another random post!  I have no time anymore!

~We've locked in our interest rate on our loan and now we're waiting for USDA approval!  There's a 20 day wait right now and I have no patience anymore.  I'm going to drive our loan counselor insane!  We now deal directly with him since we can't stand our loan processor and she kept making mistakes.

~Josh is getting cold feet on the whole house thing.  He was actually considering pulling out of the deal and staying where we are!  No way, our rent would go up again in June when our month to month lease is up and it would actually be more expensive then our mortgage payment!  I think I've reassured him that everything will be fine and we can afford it and that this is what we want.  We don't want to keep renting and possibly keep moving as the girls get closer to school age.  I don't want them to have to switch schools every time we move!

~Annabel is sooooo close to walking.  As far as I'm considered she can take her time.  

~Annika has ballet tomorrow.  Wish us luck.  She was pretty good last week but my friend came to watch her and she acted up a bit.  At one point she was standing by the door of the classroom so I snuck up on her and asked her what she was doing.  She told me "I'm done".  I think she was tired and just wanted to go get ice cream with my friend, who she loves, she's been talking about her all week.

~Our neighbor, who has turned into one of our best friends, is having her boyfriend move down next month!  We're excited for her but sad that we'll only be here 2 weeks while he's here.  Then we'll have to start planning date nights or dinner nights at each other houses so we can get together still.  She came over today so we could talk some and we had a glass of wine together.  I'm sooo going to miss that!  I hope we have nice neighbors in our new neighborhood.

~Our house has walls!  We went Sunday and we have stucco on the outside and walls on the inside.  Our neighbor's house is 3 weeks ahead of us and it's almost completed!!  That is so exciting.  They even have landscaping and we peeked in the windows and they have flooring.  I would imagine that they're closing soon and we'll probably get to meet them before we move in.  So far we've only seen that we have a single guy living diagonal from us and an older couple (like in their 60s) living two doors down.

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