Friday, January 18, 2013

The Better Ballerina

She was better yesterday.  Thank goodness!

After many talks over the last week I had established with Annika that we would not be going back to ballet if she didn't:

A: Listen to the teacher
B: Follow directions
C: Wait her turn while in line to dance across the room
D: Stop running around like a crazy lunatic when the teacher asked her to

She did listen to the teacher.  I saw the teacher give her directions a few times and she listened.

She wanted her turn and actually did the correct dance move across the room.

She did run around the room like a crazy lunatic a few times but other girls were doing it too.  One of the girls that just turned 5 was actually horrible in class.  Her mother wouldn't know though because she was busy gossiping with two of the other mothers who ignore everyone else to talk to each other (one of the woman went to school with me so she only speaks to me if her friends aren't there but I've been ignoring her lately because she's a jerk!).

Here she is laying down while she should be standing.  I'd like to sometimes think of her as comic relief.  A new set of parents that had their daughter in the class for the first time thought she was  hilarious.

So all in all she was good in class.  I was proud of her.  Annika walked out of the room without her sticker that she gets at the end of class and I had to tell her to run back into the room to get her sticker.  She would have been so upset if she didn't get one especially since it had Olivia on it!  Plus for once she deserved it since she actually danced!

Afterwards, as promised (or bribed, shut up) I took her for frozen yogurt since I had a free coupon for one.  She was a happy girl.  I let her pick out all her own toppings and then I got a small cup for me and Annabel to share.

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  1. Nothing wrong with a little motivation! I'm glad she did better today.