Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get Up and Run

This year I decided to run more and blog more and use more pictures in my blog.  Yep, so here goes an attempt at all 3 goals!

We went running Monday for 2 miles and Wednesday for 3 miles with the double jogging stroller.  I average about a 12 minute mile with the double jogger.  If I use the single jogger with just Annabel I can do about 10 1/2 minute miles and when I'm all on my own (only on the weekends) I average between 9-9 1/2 minute miles!  So clearly that double jogger is killer and is probably helping me build up the endurance to run faster when I'm on my own!

So what do I wear when I run?  It's hot in Florida now (be jealous, I LOVE it) and around 75-80 degrees when I do an afternoon run with the girls.

Today I wore this:

I NEVER do self portraits like this with my phone.  Annika got behind me and kept going "look at my pig, look at him!!"  I feel like such a dork taking pictures of myself like this!  I almost got my good camera and tripod out to take a real picture!

I'm wearing a Champion brand dry fit top with a build in bra (it's from Target about 3 years ago, I actually can't buy Champion brand tops anymore because the XS is too big for my tiny chest!  They totally changed their sizes!).

My skirt is from and I always get compliments on it.  I have a thing for chevron prints.  The skirt is very comfortable to run in, it doesn't ride up and it has built in briefs so I don't have to worry about what underwear to wear or not wear.

My shoes are pretty new, I got them in November:

They are my first pair of Sauconys.  I've always worn Asics for running but I kept getting black toenails from them!  I normally wear a 5 1/2 or 6 in shoes so in Asics I was wearing a 6 1/2.  When I got fitted for the Sauconys the guy at the store actually gave me 7s!  I've never worn a 7 but I haven't had a single black toenail since I got these!!

And here is were we run:

I love that there's just light traffic on the road we run on and lots and lots of sidewalk!  I'm going to miss this when we move.  We're moving to a total rural area so if I do run on the sidewalks available it could be a long time in between seeing cars (to me that is scary because I'm terrified of someone trying to grab me and no one witnessing it!).

I'm actually considering getting a treadmill.  I HATE running on treadmills because I like to go somewhere when I run, I don't like just staying in one place.  But I know that as the girls get older it's going to be harder to keep them in the stroller and harder to push them as they gain weight!  Annika is already too big to wear the shoulder straps on the stroller and wears them as a lap belt!

Wish us luck, we have ballet tonight!  Keeping my fingers crossed that she does better today than last week!

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  1. I totally hear you on the getting grabbed thing. I have an idea though. You know how older people sometimes have those little emergency buttons for "I've fallen and I can't get up" situations? What if you had one all preprogrammed and stuff, and you could just hold it while you run? Or something like that. They're pretty small. It might be worth the peace of mind. Don't worry about taking pictures like that. At least you HAVE pictures on your blog! Have you seen mine lately?? :-)