Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The House Update

Sunday we were very surprised to see this!

I'm pretty sure we're just going to be surprised each and every week at the progress!  We have a roof, framing inside the house and while we were there the bathtub for the girls' bathroom was being delivered, on a Sunday!  There were two guys working on our house and the house across the street, those guys seriously work 7 days a week!

Our neighbor's house is about 3 weeks ahead of us and they now have stucco on the outside, windows and a front door!  I peaked into a window and they also have drywall up.

We're getting so excited!  I already requested a week off of work for when we move in (hoping that our closing doesn't move at all but my work is usually flexible with days off so I could change it).  We ordered fans for the girls's rooms, our room and the living room this last weekend.  We also bought a carpet cleaner, new towels for our bathroom and a rug for the kitchen (just a small one for in front of the sink area).

This next week we need to get some curtains for the sliding glass door and a curtain rod (finding ones to cover a sliding glass door 95 inches across and 92 inches high is not easy!).  Then we just have a few small things here and there we need to buy before we close.  Once we close we have to buy the fridge, washer, dryer (everything else as far as appliances is there), garage door opener, and lawn equipment (like a mower and weed-eater since we've never needed either before!).

Can't wait to move!!


  1. Congrats on the new house! I look forward to seeing the finished product.