Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dentist and Doctor Visits

I took the day off Friday since I had scheduled Annika and Annabel's dentist and doctor appointments that day.

Annika has been going to the dentist since she was a year old every 6 months and typically the visits are spent with her in my lap leaning back into the dentist lap while screaming.  During her screaming the dentist does his exam.  They've told me that this is pretty typically but eventually kids get use the idea of the dentist and act just fine.  That's our point of going every 6 months.  Friday was Annabel's first visit.

For the week before the visit I sat Annika down each day to explain that the dentist (a man, I wanted to be sure she would be comfortable with a man sometimes she freaks with men and is fine with women) would ask her to look inside her mouth and that she would have to open wide so that he could count her teeth.  A few days before I started telling her that someone might brush her teeth too while we were there just to be sure they were very clean and pretty.

She showed she understood a few times during the week by telling me "I open my mouth wide like this (and then she'd open really wide) for the dentist".

When we got the dentist office she was already acting differently that usual.  She was calm and looking forward to showing the dentist her pretty teeth.  The assistant came in first and I had Annika sit in the dental chair.  The assistant asked if we thought she could handle a cleaning (they don't push cleanings until 4 or 5 years old) and I told her to try and we would see what would happen.  I have to say that the assistant was great!  She explained the little cup and showed her the paste to clean her teeth.  Annika said the chocolate paste tasted yucky so she got her some grape that she loved.  She showed her the suction and how to close her mouth on it so it would suck out her spit.  She loved that too!

The assistant flossed and cleaned her teeth without a fight at all!!  Annika was such a good girl!

The dentist came in and examined her and said that her teeth look great.

Then it was Annabel's turn.  She sat with Josh and he leaned her back into the dentist's lap so he could see her teeth.  She didn't give cry!  It was unbelievable how well behaved both girls were!  The dentist did the exam, checked out all 4 teeth she has and said that they looked great too.

Next up was the pediatrician for Annabel's 1 year check up and Annika's 3 year old check up (a few months late for her).

Annabel was 31 inches and 22 pounds.  Annika was 37 inches and 37 pounds (a little square the nurse joked!).

The doctor came in and Annika chated with him a bit.  She let him look her over, answered some of his questions and was really well behaved.

Annabel got her exam too, surprisly didn't cry at all and then got 3 quick vaccines (which she barely cried for at all).

The doctor gave us a wonderful compliment.  He told us that this was not a typical 1 and 3 year old exam.  He said that typically there are tears and he feels like he's in a wrestling match.  Most 3 year olds hide from him and take a few minutes to warm up while Annika started talking to him imediatly without any hesitation.

He also said that the girls both sleep through the night is amazing and that they have both been sleeping through the night for a long while is great.

He said the girls are sociable, well behaved and that we've done a wonderful job raising them.  Easy going and relaxed is the way to do it for us!  No reason to stress!  He told that he wishes other parents we more relaxed and easy going with their children.

Almost made me cry to have someone outside our friends and family give us such a great compliment!

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  1. It does indeed feel wonderful to hear from someone what a great job you're doing. You must be! Look how great the girls are! What a wonderful dental appointment, too. Karina has her first visit on Monday.