Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last 4 Day Weekend!


We started our 4 day weekend with a trip to our new house to see the progress!

It was a really crappy weather day as you can see.  But we have the slab and blocks ready to go!  Today they were starting with the blocks so by next weekend it'll look like a house!!

Then I really can't remember what else we did on Saturday!

Oh, I made pigtails on Annabel which is a big deal, it took Annika 2 years to grow enough hair to make pigtails!

She's just the cutest thing EVER!!

I made 3 recipes this weekend from a new cookbook Josh got me for Christmas.  It's called Weelicious and I LOVE the recipes.  It's kid friendly recipes that adults will eat too, so pretty much it's for the whole family so you aren't cooking 4 different meals for everyone!

I made shrimp tacos which were a huge hit.  All 4 of us ate them!  It was Annabel's first time having shrimp!

Then I made some chicken nuggets which I plan on making a lot more.  I'm going to start freezing them and not buy the packaged ones anymore.  Josh, Annika and Annabel LOVED them (I'm still not too into eating chicken).

My favorite thing I made was Red Beet Cupcakes.  Annika hated them but she only had a bite.  Josh refused to try them.  My aunt and Annabel both loved them too.  There was no beet taste to them.  The point was to make "pretty" colored cupcakes without using anything artificial   They were perfect to me and sooo good!  I froze the leftovers so I can take one out a weekend for a treat for myself and Annabel to share.


I attempted to go for a run.  It was 43 outside and I was FREEZING.  I had capri dri-fit pants and a long sleeve Under Armor shirt and gloves!  It was just miserable.  I did 2 miles and came back home.  I needed something to cover my poor ears and long pants.  I refuse to run in anything cooler than 55 from now on!

We went to Home Depot to look around at future home projects!  We actually ran into our friend who is also our neighbor :)  She looked at paint colors with us and her kids.  Annika is insisting on pink with pink for her room (we want to do 2 colors and some sort of design with it) and we picked out some purples for Annabel's room.  I'm just not sure what we'll do.  I guess we'll have to wait till we move in to see what we feel like painting.

We played in the street for hours with tons of neighborhood kids.  It makes us hope that we can find a new group of friends when we move but so far when we've been driving through our new neighborhood we don't see a ton of kids (hopefully the 2 story/4 bedroom house next door will have some).  We  had so much fun tossing the football around and watching Annika play with a little boy that lives down the road that's her age.

We also discovered that Annabel LOVES footballs, they make her laugh like crazy!

I love this one of the two of us!

Me attempting to throw, I gave up after like 3 tries, plus our neighbor's 12 year old son was holding Annabel and she likes to try to claw at his eyes :)


Our big huge NYE's plans, stay at home!!  I bought a bottle of wine to share with a neighbor.  Josh took her 2 kids to Target to buy some fireworks (just little ones that they did in the street).

We took the girls out for pizza at my favorite local place for lunch.  It was Annabel's first time having her own slice which Josh thought was crazy.  Well, she ate the entire piece!  I knew she would because Annika can eat a piece by herself too and they are HUGE pieces!

Annika has always been a fan of this pizza.  She woke Josh up at 9am (he sleeps late on his days off) so we could go get it, she kept telling him she needed pizza!

Our neighbor, her daughter (she's 14) and I went to our crazy neighbor's house and picked up all her cigarette butts that she keeps throwing in everyone's yards and put them all on her front doorstep in a huge pile.  We left her a note that says "To celebrate the the new year we thought we'd help you out and pick up all your cigarette butts for you.  Happy New Year!"  This is the same crazy woman that has a crush on Josh that we've all been avoiding.

We stayed up till midnight sitting around our fire pit table and then we all went to bed! We are so not party people anymore.


I cleaned and organized our closets in our room and the girls' rooms to prepare for us moving.  We took down the Christmas tree (Annika is heartbroken, she wanted to keep it up forever I think!).

My aunt came over and we had pizza AGAIN.  I didn't even think that we just had it the day before until it was already at the house!

My aunt gave the girls their Christmas presents and they love them.  I'll have to take some pictures of them because it's hard to explain what everything is otherwise.

At some point in the long weekend we went for a walk!  I've totally lost track of the days because we were both off work for 4 days!

It's not easy to walk with a toddler, a 3 year old and a dog!

Annabel is such a cutie!

Tickling Annika on the slide.

Daddy and Annika playing!

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  1. What a fun weekend for your family! I bet the cupcakes were good. I have made beet pancakes and you really don't taste the beets at all. They just make the pancakes pink. :-)

    Happy New Year!