Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Stuff

~I seem to have no time to blog anymore!  The girls are keeping me busy in the evenings!

~Thursday we had a scare with the new house we're building!  Our loan processor e-mailed me (I still can't believe she e-mailed me and didn't call) saying that we didn't qualify for the loan program because of our income!!  I almost lost my mind.  I was in the car at a stop light (world's longest light, typically I do not play around on my phone in the car but I was waiting for her to e-mail me back) and I read the e-mail.  I was sobbing and had to pull myself together to drive to Josh's work where I meet him.  I called him on the way to tell him to call his boss to say that he'd be in a few minutes late.  We tried calling our loan processor and she wouldn't answer, she ALWAYS answers her phone.  Then she e-mails me again telling me we'll have to talk to the loan consultant about what program we can try since our income was too high.  So we called him and he was out of the office for a week!  No way were we going to wait a week.  We ended up talking to management, clarified that no, our income was within the guidelines of the program, they were adding wrong and by 7pm that evening I had everything fixed!  Pretty much, according the manager, the loan processor should have double checked her addition (seriously, I can't believe that this was all over simple, basic math!) and should have NEVER e-mailed us that we didn't qualify!  Our house is almost done, we were panicked!

So from 3:30pm-7pm I was furious that we had lost the house.  Today though we got our final approval!  It's been such a pain with paperwork because we borrowed the money for our deposit, then I paid it back, then I received money from an estate that was willed to me (actually my mother but I received it since she died), then they wanted proof of all of that crap!  Then they wanted to know why Josh withdraws large amounts of money from his bank account and why I have large cash deposits into mine (really?  did I need to explain that?) and why do we not have a joint account (I hate joint accounts, I had one with an ex, I refuse to do it again).  Just question after question for the past 3 months so today is a huge sigh of relief that the only thing I'll have to print out for them again is current bank statements in a few weeks!

~The house has walls!  I have no pictures because last time we went we took the girls in too.  Annika had to hold Josh's hand the whole time so she wouldn't touch anything bad and Annabel had a death grip on me because the contractor said "hi" to her!  I didn't even grab my camera as we walked in because Annabel was already having a fit crying and pulling on my shirt to hide her face!

~Speaking of Annabel is has become even more shy than before.  She used to LOVE our neighbor and her kids but Sunday she wouldn't go to her :(  Poor girl, she just clings to me and Josh.  I can't wait till she's old enough to do some sort of activity like Annika does with her ballet.  I may look into some toddler tumbling for her when she gets a little older, there's a school around here that starts them at 18 months.

~Annika is the opposite.  She just loves people but she has gotten into moods where I can tell that she is feeling a bad vibe from someone and refuses to have anything to do with them.  I swear her vocabulary doubles by the week and she speaks and understands like a little person.  It's so weird to call Josh during the day and have a conversation with her on the phone!  Although most conversations go like this:

Me: Hi, what are doing?

Annika: I watching a movie, the baby is crying, I want to go downstairs and get milk.

Josh (in the background): the baby is not crying, she's taking a nap.

Annika: The baby is not crying, she's taking a nap, I want milk momma.

Me: Okay, I love you, good-bye.

Annika: I love you, I need milk.


  1. Loans are a royal pain these days. How dumb are they? Your husband withdraws money and you deposit money....uh, geniuses can't figure that out..... sheesh. Well at least it's all going well and you did NOT lose your house! What a ridiculous thing for her to email you about. I bet she got in trouble for that one.

  2. Your conversation with Annika made me laugh. It sounds EXACTLY like the conversations I have over the phone with my 3 year old. So funny!