Tuesday, January 22, 2013

13 months

Annabel is now 13 months!

What is going on in her world?

~As of yesterday she now has 5 teeth since tooth #5 just poked through!

~She's cruising around like crazy and will even "crawl" without using her hands with her body upright but she won't try to walk on her own.

~Annabel can walk if she holds onto my finger though.

~She's incredibly shy but eventually warms up to people.  During the warming up process she gets super flirty and it's adorable.

~This is our good eater, she's so much better than Annika at this age.  She will literaly eat everything and anything I put in front of her!  She loves bananas, oranges, homemade oatmeal bars, homemade oatmeal muffins (recipe coming soon since I actually created the recipe on my own!) eggs and lots of meat.  She's our little meat eater!

~Annabel will say "dada" sometimes and now is starting to say it to Josh.  She sometimes calls Annika "Anna" but that's about it for talking.  We're thinking her shyness is putting her behind on talking (Annika was a chatterbox at this age).

~Annabel is a wonderful sleeper at night clocking in anywhere from 12-14 hours!  She amazes me some weekend mornings with her sleep, so much that I have to go check on her to make sure she's alright!

~Occasionally we get a nap out of her and when we do it's a 2-3 hour mid-day nap.

~Her hair is so crazy that we have to either tie half of it back or make pigtails.  She cannot wear it down or it's in her face and just all over the place.

~Annabel likes to try to grab toys away from Annika and I think she really enjoys getting Annika upset :)

~She's 31 inches tall which is around the 95th percentile and 22 pounds which is around the 50th percentile.  She's only 6 inches shorter than Annika!  The doctor told us if she doesn't slow down in the next year she might pass Annika up in height when they're older since the girls appear to have different body shapes.

~Annabel likes to cuddle which we so aren't use to.  Annika has never liked to cuddle much.  I love having little baby hands holding on to me and smelling sweet baby hair by my face!

~Annabel is a biter!  Both Josh and I have gotten bitten by her recently.  Yelling at her doesn't do anything either, she laughs!  Luckily she only has 5 teeth so it doesn't hurt too bad.

~Overall Annabel is a happy, cheerful, sweet, shy girl!

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  1. Wow, so cute! Amazing how fast they grow. I could say that a million times. :-) Elena is on the way to being taller than her sister, too. She is also our good eater, isn't that funny? But she is not cuddly whereas Karina is. It's so interesting to see how different sisters can be!