Thursday, January 10, 2013

Naughty Ballerina

Uggghh...yes once again I'm back on a Thursday after ballet class to write about our naughty ballerina.

I'd like to say that Annika hasn't be listening to anyone or behaving at all lately.  Something about it turning 2013 has made her a little harder to handle.  I think it's part that she's totally 100% independent and that she thinks she can be independent at 3 years old with EVERYTHING.  You tell her to do something one way she stops, thinks about, thinks you're stupid for suggesting to do it that way and then does it her own way.

Another issue I have is the teacher.  Instead of working with Annika she totally and completely ignores her.  Except for today where I saw her tell Annika to stop doing what she was doing twice, the 2nd time seemed a bit harsh for a ballet school teacher and after I saw Annika misbehaving a 3rd time (she was throwing a bean bag at another girl's head!) I took her out of class and we went home.  I told Annika in order for her to attend class next week she needs to apologize to the teacher for being so bad.

Now there was another little girl in class who was WORSE than Annika! I think this is why the teacher finally spoke up and said something to her.  The other little girl clings to the teacher's helper (a 14 or 15 year old girl) and doesn't dance at all.  Today the little girl was clinging to the helper and throwing herself around on the floor not dancing at all.  Her mom took her out of the room twice to tell her to knock it off.

The teacher also seems to have some sort of issue with picking music for class.  She does a dance with the girls for about 2 minutes, stops to pick music for a minute, then they do another dance for 3 minutes and stop for 5 for her to pick out music.  Over and over!  I swear in the 45 minute class they dance for about 10 minutes.  That would be a complaint to the director of the studio though.  I heard a lot of the other mom's complaining in the hallway today about the lags in dancing.  They really barely dance at all in class.

So we're giving next week another try, only because I know the director will tell us to because I made the mistake of prepaying the entire year and she's pretty much already told me she won't give me a refund!  And we paid for the recital costume which I've heard that their recitals are a huge unorganized mess!  One mother was telling us that last year they just let her 3 year old walk off by herself backstage and they couldn't find her when she came to pick her up!!  Makes me think that I'll probably volunteer to help backstage so it doesn't happen to Annika!

BUT if she's this bad next week I'm done and that director is refunding me the rest of my money or I won't leave!  I want Annika to be in a class that dances, keeps her busy and that she ENJOYS! I think if she enjoyed the class she wouldn't act so badly!

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  1. Absolutely! I hope Annika behaves. She is probably acting out because she's bored. I would be.