Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ways to Get People to Look at You Funny

Tell them your 3 year knows that you buy her Christmas presents and not Santa.

Tell someone that you don't have cable TV and that you don't miss it at all.

Tell them that your kids aren't allowed to watch anything on TV in the evenings, that they play and keep each other occupied and that you can actually get things done around the house without having the TV on!

Tell them that you and your husband work opposite schedules and that you only see each other on the weekends.

Tell someone that you're freaked out by processed foods and are hoping to go all organic and almost all non-processed by early next year.

Don't allow your child to drink a Capri Sun when everyone else is doing it because you don't like what's in it.

When  people ask about the girls' grandparents inform them that they don't have any because they've all died (for some reason this gets a huge reaction, most of our friends still have both their parents).

Tell the lady at Best Buy that you've never owned a lap top computer and then ask 100 dumb questions like we did when we bought it!

Tell the woman at work that you've never even opened iTunes on your iPhone because you can listen to music for free on Pandora!!  Why would I buy music on there??

Tell your supervisor you've never eaten at Outback!!  I don't eat steak, why would I go there???  (He looked at me like I was an alien when I said it!)

Tell the vendor at work that you don't drink soda when they offer one to you twice!!

What are things that you've said to someone recently that made them look at you funny???

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  1. People always think I'm nuts when I tell them I don't like steak or hamburgers. They also think it's weird that my daughter chooses to drink only water (it's not even me, it's all her). Hope you all had a merry Christmas!