Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Josh and I both grew up not really "doing" Santa.  I remember realizing the whole thing was fake when I was 5 and read a book about the "legend" of Santa.  I asked what legend meant and the whole story was done for me!

Josh grew up as the youngest of 6 kids (2 1/2 siblings and 3 step-siblings) so they never even tried to fool him with the story of Santa.

We don't plan on teaching the girls about Santa or telling them that their presents come from Santa.  We'll explain the whole story of Santa and that it's only a story but neither one of us wants the girls to think that Santa is the one bringing them presents.  I know a lot of people think it's weird we're not doing it but that's just how we feel.

But one thing we do is have the girls pose with Santa at the mall, just for fun.  We've already decided that next year will probably be the last unless they ask to go.

As you can see Annabel was not amused.  She did make a pouty face at first like she was going to cry but we distracted her and this was the face we got!  I had talked to Annika about smiling pretty for the picture and she did! I think it's a cute picture besides Annabel not smiling.

Pretty much any picture would be better than last year's, which I think is kind of funny still.


  1. I don't think it's weird. My husband doesn't want to pretend about Santa but because I do, he goes along with it. I told Karina the Santas in stores are not real but just people dressed like Santa, and I told her because she was so afraid of one of them. So she knows they aren't the 'real' Santa, but she does think they send kids' wishes to him.

  2. We don't "do Santa" either. We talk about Santa and his story and how other kids might think he is real but he isn't real for our family. We really hope to make Christmas about being with family and not giving people presents.