Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

While most people seem to focus on the gifts for Christmas we decided not to.  We never really did in the first place.

This year it's all about family; me, Josh and the girls.

I see a lot of my Facebook friends that bought their children tons of gifts, my best friend posted a picture of her daughter's presents and there are well over 20 gifts.  I'm not saying what she's doing is wrong or right and I'm sure she doesn't agree with how few toys the girls have and that I don't buy them a ton of things.  We just have different views on things like that and there's nothing wrong with that at all.  I just personally could not even think of 20 things to buy the girls!!

This was the original picture I saw.  We followed the rules only adjusted slightly because most of the gifts I got for them were small.

The girls are getting something they would want: Annabel got a farm set from Ikea.  Annika got 3 puzzles.  Their stockings also have rubber duckies and wands to play with on Christmas Eve and during bath times. (Since the gifts are all small things I got more than 1 thing they wanted each).

They're each getting 3 books so I'm counting that under the thing they need and the thing to read!  I usually don't buy books during the year, I like to give them as gifts for holidays. 

They are each getting Christmas pajamas so that goes under the thing to wear.

And that is all.  They don't need a single other thing.  I see too many kids get a ton of presents only to ignore them all a few hours later or act ungrateful.  

I know that they both will be thrilled with their gifts and that is all that matters to me.

Maybe next year we'll make it to church.  Just not sure I can handle it since it'll remind me so much of my parents (we ALWAYS went to church on Sundays and for Christmas).

A new favorite quote I saw recently which could also apply to Christmas.

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  1. You are a good mom and you do what is right and what works for your family. No need to justify. :-) Merry Christmas!!