Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in Pictures

The girls and I on Christmas Eve!

Annika ate her first ever candy cane (clearly I don't let her have candy often) she was WILD afterwards!!

My gingerbread house and Annika's house.

We made our houses with our neighbor and her son since I bought way too much candy and it's more fun with more people!

Annika did a great job.

Annabel watched and I let her try some marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Christmas Eve Dinner, our traditional pizza!!

We ate in the living room but Annabel had to stay in her high chair because she was all over the place eating!

Then the girls opened their stockings!  Matching pajamas and rubber duckies (they LOVED the ducks!).

Annika helped Annabel open her presents.

The girls with their toys.

Christmas morning!!

We moved the present opening out to the living room.  Our tree is in the dining room but we didn't want to sit on tile floor!

We had an early Christmas dinner.  Ham (I had salmon), asparagus (Annika's favorite), mashed Yukon potatoes, sweet Hawaiian rolls and vanilla cheesecake (made by me!) for dessert.

The girls loved the ham and the rolls.  Annika ate at least 4 pieces of asparagus too.

Then we took Annika's Christmas gift from last year out for a spin!

After a ride around the pond we played!

I'm always careful with Annabel because I've heard of so many people accidentally breaking their children's legs on slides!

We had a great Christmas together and I was so sad to have to go back to work!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! I love the outfits the girls had on for Christmas Eve!

  2. Looks happy!! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!