Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Back!! Tough Mudder!!

We finally joined technology and got a laptop Friday night!  It's so weird to be able to type sitting at our dining room table instead of our bedroom.  The girls have a lot more space downstairs to play while I check e-mails and blog instead of being in our room climbing under the computer desk getting all tangled up in wires!

I have a few back posts to do, like Thanksgiving, our family get together in Orlando and a few other updates.

First of all Saturday was a big day for me and Josh, we did Tough Mudder!!

And we finished!!!  (My shirt was light grey and I am covered in mud even though it's hard to tell)

Some of the biggest challenges:

#1: We couldn't do it with our entire team.  Our team had 9 people total. 5 of us got off at one interstate exit and it took us about an hour to get from our house to the location (typically it would take about 20 minutes). The rest of our team got trapped on the interstate in between exits and took 5 hours to get to the location!!  It was unbelievable!  So our start time was 10am, the 5 of us that were there decided to start without the rest of our team at noon.  We worried about not getting home to the girls until bedtime so we had to get going.

#2: One girl on our team informed me at the start line that she did not train at all.  She's never run before and she was slightly overweight.  We had to walk the first 2 miles of the course and after the first 3 obstacles she almost passed out and they had to call the medics to come get her.

#3: Another teammate who barely trained developed horrible calf pain and had to stop to rest.  Since we were a team we waited but at mile 9 we realized we had been out there 3 hours already so Josh and I left our 3 teammates and ran the rest of the course.

#4: It took us 4 hours to finish but afterwards, hoping to get home quickly, it took us 3 hours to get out of the parking lot because it was so unorganized!!!!  We ended up getting home at 8pm.  Luckily our friend and neighbor that was watching the girls was able to bed for us.

Some of my biggest acclompishments:

#1: Arctic Enema

This is a dumpster filled with ice that is always around 32 degrees.  You jump in, swim a few feet, go underwater to swim under a piece of wood and then climb back out.  I hate water and I really hate being cold.  Josh and I held hands, went under, came back up and I had no clue where I was.  Thank God I had Josh to pull me out of there!  I was so disoriented that I had no idea what was going on and my leg muscles were frozen!  I was running around screaming afterwards trying to get warm again!!

#2: Walk the Plank

I don't like heights.  I don't like water that I can't see the bottom of.  This combined my two big fears!  20 foot wall into 14 feet of water.  I freaked out 3 times and had a guy behind me telling me "you can do it, it's not that bad".  Josh and I held hands but we let go when we hit the water because Josh kept going under and I was struggling to get the hell out of the water!!  I breathed in some water and freaked out.  I was so glad to get out of that water!!

#3: Everest

Josh was able to run up this and pull himself up on his first try!!  Again I freaked out a few times and then took off running.  I didn't want to fall because I knew it would hurt like hell.  Well I did it!  I ran all the way up just enough to grab Josh's hand and have him pull me up!!

#4: Electroshock Therapy

Those yellow things dangling down are electric.  10,000 volts of electric!  Josh got popped a few times and I got hit in the forearm (lost some skin) and in the shoulder.  I was so glad I didn't get hit in the face!!

It was a lot of fun!  We will be doing it again next year but just the two of us :-)

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  1. Hubby did this about a year ago. I was so jealous he got to do it and I couldn't. We had planned on doing it together by my hometown this summer but since I don't know if/when I will be pregnant it's not gonna work out. Glad you had fun!