Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Old House

I was going to right an update about our house being built but I've pushed that till tomorrow.


I noticed that today is the anniversary of my parents buying their first home (yes I am freaky good with remembering dates!).  They bought their first home on December 18th, 1987.  The house I grew up in, the only house I lived in during my childhood, the house I had my first kiss in front of, had my first slumber party, told my parents I was pregnant with Annika in, and the same house my mom died in the front yard of.....

My parents and I are still the only people to have lived in that house.  It sits completely empty and I haven't driven past it since June.  I haven't entered that house since December 12th of 2010 (the day after my parents' funeral service).  I locked the door that day and said I would never step foot in that house.

I wish that my parents could see the house that we're building now for our girls.  They would have loved it and been proud that we're even able to buy a house (my dad was 34 when he bought our house) already.

I still remember every single detail of that old house.  I was 4 when we moved in but I still remember that it was yellow outside with darker yellow trim (it's now green).  My dad painted my bedroom pink for me because that was my favorite color.  It was a 3 bedroom house but since I was an only child I got the extra room as a playroom that I shared with my dad because he kept his guitars in there too.  I remember my dad and uncle putting up the fence in the back yard, building the screen porch out front and putting tile floors in the kitchen and dining room.

That house holds so many memories yet I don't want to ever go back there.  I lived there for 18 years.  I wonder if the house will ever been sold (it was in foreclosure and there's a lot of legal issues with me not establishing an estate and the house legally being mine since their was no will, the mortgage company can't sell it) and if another family will ever get to make memories in it or not.

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