Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Road Trip

Yesterday I went on a little road trip with our neighbor, her daughter and Annika.  Originally our neighbor and I were going to go just the two of us until her daughter found out we were going to World Market.  Then she asked if I cared if she went (she's 14, a NICE, sweet 14) and then asked if Annika could come too.  She loves both Annika and Annabel.  I told her we'd bring Annika as long as she promised to watch her and she agreed!

I didn't even realize we had World Market stores in Florida but the closes one to us in in Fort Myers which on a Sunday morning at 8am only took us an hour to get to.  I let Annika pick out a little jewelry box for her room, some Christmas tree ornaments and 4 rubber ducks.  She's totally a rubber ducky collector.  She picked out a cat ornament for Annabel and said that she would share her rubber duckies with Annabel.

Afterwards we went to Petco because the second Annika saw the sign she started talking about going inside to see the cats.  It's really weird that she remembers that there are cats at Petco.  I took her to the Petco by our house about 3 months ago to see the cats they have for adoption there and every single time we drive by she asks to see them again.  I think it's crazy that she pointed out a Petco in a totally different city and knew there would be cats there!

There were only 3 cats at this Petco, our store usually has a lot more and they are way more socialable .  Instead she became very interested in this snake.

It's an albino cornsnake.  She said it was a "nasty snake".   She kept telling him "don't go in that water you nasty snake" and "what are you doing climbing, you will fall!"  When we were leaving I asked if she wanted to see the ferrets or cats on the way out and she requested to see the snake again.  We are not ever getting one of these as a pet!  No way!!

After Petco we went out to lunch.  I was very impressed with how well behaved Annika was the entire trip.  No temper tantrums or attitude at all!  That's how she is when she gets to hang out with adults!  At lunch I asked her if she was having fun and she said "yes, I have fun with momma and with Deb and with Alex".   I could tell she was having a great time.  She was so good that she ate her entire pizza I ordered her for lunch and said "thank you" to the waitress when she brought her water and  her food.  The waitress even commented on how polite she was :-)

We went to Bass Pro Shop after lunch.  Santa was there and we were going to see what activities they had for Annika to do but it was too crowded so we left.

Here is Annika with our friends:

On the way home we asked Annika if she missed Annabel and she said very loudly "YES" and then we asked her if she missed daddy and she said "NO", it was the sort of tone like she was thinking "why would you even ask me that question???"  I know she missed him because when we stopped at a rest stop on the way home she told me "I miss the baby and daddy".  Sweet girl.

Annabel missed Annika too.  She was so excited to see her and Annika let Annabel play with all 4 of her rubber duckies.  Then Annika went down for a 3 hour nap and Annabel drove me crazy following me all over the house screaming "momma, mommmmmmaaaaa, mommmmmaaaaaa".  So I guess she missed me too!

After Annika woke up from her nap she was cranky and ran back up the stairs.  Annabel got upset with her and started yelling for her to come back down!

Yep, she now attempts to say "Annika" even though it comes out more like "Anna".  I think it's so sweet.  Annika calmed herself down and came running downstairs telling Annabel "it's okay baby, it's okay".

We really had a good time getting away for a little girl time!  We already have our next trip planned for a few months from now to go up to Tampa to a big mall that's up there that I haven't been to in years.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day overall! Yay! Annika is so cute, I love your stories about her.