Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jingle Bell 5K and Children's Race

Annika did her first race and I did my first 5K Friday evening (I started out big doing only half marathons so this was my shortest race ever!).

It was cold for Florida, around 55 degrees which is practically arctic to us!

I braided Annika's hair with her jingle bells on shoelaces into her braids so she couldn't take them off!

Then I tried to get the girls to pose together but Annika is a total nut.

Annabel out in the cold!

Annika dancing her in jacket (probably the only time she'll actually get to wear the jacket).

Me and Annika ready for our races!

Daddy and Annika

Daddy and Annabel

Annika met the Chick-fil-a cow and gave him a hug.

Annika's race was only 100 yards.  I stood with her at the start line and Josh waited towards the finish line.  It really wasn't too organized because Josh wasn't allowed to stand directly at the finish so Annika just ran into a crowd of people and I had to run to her to remove her from the crowd and find out where to get her medal for finishing.

She was one of the last kids to finish because a little boy had fallen in front of her and she stopped to help him up!  Such a sweet girl!!

I awarded her a medal!

She was very proud but she's making a face because I'm pretty sure she was freezing!

During my race Annika hung out with Josh, Annabel and my aunt.  Her she is during the National Anthem.

I finished my first 5K in 29 minutes!!  I just wanted to finish so we could get home out of the cold!!

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