Wednesday, December 19, 2012

House Update

Finally they are starting to build our house!!!

Our sales person told us that the longest and most annoying part of the process would be from the time we signed the documents to buy until the house started to get built.  She's right.  Dealing with all the paperwork with the mortgage company and then making sure we stay on top of the sales office to be sure they were filing for a building permit and getting things moving has been annoying and semi-stressful.  Looking back at our paperwork it's only been 45 days!!  It seems like we've been waiting forever for them to start!

Now comes the fast part.  We've been able to see how fast these builders put up houses by watching our neighbor's house.  They are building a 2 story house (which to us means "family", we just hope they're a nice one!) and 3 weeks ago they had a concrete slab.  Now they have a 2 story frame with all the framing for the walls done!  Insane!!  It even has a roof!

I cannot wait to see the progress and I'll be posting lots of pictures.  Neither one of the girls will remember seeing their house they're going to grow up in get built so I want to be sure to take a lot of pictures for them to look back on.

When we went out Monday this is what we saw:

They were starting to dig for the plumbing when we left!  Later this week they'll poor the slab and by early January the block will up for the exterior walls!!

They claim our house will be completed by the end of February and closing will be 2 days before my 30th birthday in March!


  1. How exciting! I remember when we had our house built and going to take pictures. We had to go almost every day because it went up so fast.

    I find it funny that you guys don't have basements. When we start building here they have to dig the big hole first. :) I think for us the worst waiting part was when it seemed to be all done but we still had 2 to 4 weeks before closing.

    We just had new neighbors move in last week and I don't know much about them other than they have a small child and they're allowing their dog to roam all around our front yard which is a peeve of mine. Hopefully you have great neighbors.

  2. How exciting! I look forward to seeing your pictures! I can't believe you don't have basements either... why is that?

  3. People in Florida don't have basements because of the water table and the aquifer. We have above-ground "basements", and some facilities will have basements but they have to be installed specially which is quite expensive.