Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Pictures

Our friend next door got her son a practice drum for Christmas.  Annika tested it out and actually has pretty good rhythm   I almost want to take her to the music store to test a set of drums out because I think she'd be good.  My dad was a self-taught drummer!

I tried to get a picture of Annabel's teeth (she has 4 now!) but she wouldn't really let me so Annika offered to show me her teeth.

One of the ladies at work got the girls elf hats and they both tried to take them off while I was trying to get a picture of them.

The other morning we had french toast for breakfast and Annabel loved it!  It was her first time having it.  I tried to get pictures of them eating but really just ended up with pictures of the girls messy morning hair.

Josh put Annabel in a Jason's Deli bag.  Yum, we are totally addicted to that place, it's right down the street from where we live and we're going to be sad when we move away!

The rest of  the pictures are all pictures that Annika took all by herself with my iPhone   She's actually pretty good at taking pictures besides her crazy self portraits!

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  1. Your girls are just so beautiful. The photo where you were trying to get Annabel's teeth and both girls are side by side, wow, they are just so adorable! I love Annika's pictures she took, especially her self-portraits!