Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sickness and Stuff

I've been sick for over a week.  I NEVER get sick.  My doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection due to Tough Mudder and all the nastiness I got up my nose swimming around in mud!  She also felt like I had exhausted my body since I did a half marathon and then 13 days later did Tough Mudder which was 12 miles with obstacles!

I'm not allowed to exercise or run until everything is cleared up which sucks because I'm doing my first 5K next Friday.  Yep, I've only done half marathons, a 4 mile bridge run and Tough Mudder. I started big and I've never done any small races like 5Ks or 10Ks.  It's in the evening and Annika will be doing her first race too!  It's a 100 yard dash with other 3 and 4 year olds.  I imagine it'll be adorable and we'll be taking a ton of pictures!  My aunt is even coming out to see us both run.

Annika got a runny nose but other than that she seems to be fine.  I think it helps that she doesn't like to suck her snot back into her nose, she just blows.  Which is great that she knows how to blow her nose but it's not great when you don't have a tissue ready and she has snot dripping down her face!

Saturday we have a busy day and I'm glad that I am feeling better, besides my damn nose.  I have to go to a running store down the street from us to pick up my packet for the 5K and Annika's packet for her race.  Then we have to go to a birthday party for the boy that lives 2 doors down from us.  I believe he's turning 11 or 12 and the party is at an arcade type place.  They have go-carts so Josh is hoping they'll allow him to take Annika out for a ride on them.  I think Annabel and I are going to get pretty bored which will be a good excuse for not staying too long.  There's going to be a whole other blog post about the boy's mom coming soon!  Let me just say that I don't appreciate the way she behaves around Josh....

After the party we have Josh's work's holiday party.  My friend from work is coming over to watch the girls so we can go.  It'll be our first date since Annabel was born!!  So it's been just about a year!  The only other time we've both left the girls was for Tough Mudder.  His party is outdoors at a polo field with tents and it's supposed to be pretty nice.  I'm looking forward to it since I'm friends with a few people from Josh's work.

Sunday is cleaning day!!  I need to clean up the house for Annabel's birthday party the following weekend since it's at our house.  I want to do some serious deep cleaning anyway to prepare for us moving in a few months.  I need to clean under the oven, fridge, washer and dryer.  I know under the oven is going to be a nightmare because I've been catching Annika pushing toys under there and I'm sure there's more than just toys.

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