Friday, December 14, 2012

Someone Has a Crush on MY Husband

So there's this woman that lives two doors down from us.  Let us call her Cindy.  Cindy is the mother of the 10 year old boy whose party we're going to on Saturday.  The boy is very friendly, he always talks to Annika and he's generally a really great kid.

About 3 or 4 months ago he needed a new bike.  Cindy didn't know what kind to get him so casually mentioned to Josh that he needed a bike.  Josh offered to drive up to the sports store down the street to help him pick one out so Cindy gave him her credit card and Josh took her son and went and got the bike.

Then a few weeks later Cindy asks Josh to cut her son's hair with hair trimmers.  He does it and shows her how to do it.  She's asked 3 more times since then if he could cut his hair again and Josh tells her that he showed her how to do it and that you can't screw it up if you're using the guards.  Finally the last time she asked Josh asked why her fiancee couldn't do it for her (she's engaged to a guy that lives in a different city but on the weekends he drives down and spends the entire weekend at her house, we never see him, he just sits inside all day).  She says that he's too lazy and Josh tells her that he just doesn't have the time to cut her son's hair (HELLO, Josh is only home on the weekends, he wants to spend his whole weekend with US!!).

One time she told me "if Josh wasn't taken I would go after him".  Hahahaha, I thought it was a joke at first but now I don't think so!  She is 100% not Josh's type and Josh is totally annoyed by her.

Then Josh spent almost an entire day detailing another neighbor's car.  Cindy goes over and asks if he can detail her car sometime and he says yes but that he doesn't want to do it often because he doesn't have a buffer.  So Cindy tells him that she will buy a buffer so that he can do her car EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.  Josh tells her that no one needs their car detailed every single weekend and she needs to realize that we're moving away and that Josh isn't going to drive here every weekend to do her car.  So she says "well I'll scratch my car so you'll have a reason to have to detail it".  That was the day I told Josh he needs to start ignoring her because she's crazy!!

But then she gets crazier.  She knows what city we're building our house in but she's not aware of the actual neighborhood, we refuse to tell her.  So she shows Josh last weekend the house that she wants to buy, which is 3 miles down the street from the neighborhood we're building in.  Psycho?? I told him that once we move we pretend we don't know her at all.  I don't want her to have our phone numbers (thank goodness she doesn't have them) or know where we've moved to.

She always catches Josh when he walks to the dumpster on the weekends.  I've told him that I see her during the week when I'm with the girls and she NEVER says hi to me or even acknowledges me unless I'm with Josh on the weekends.

I cannot wait to move away from her!


  1. Wow, she's psycho. I'm sorry. Avoid her at all costs, and Josh might even want to tell her point blank that she is bothering him and that he doesn't want her to talk to him anymore. Leave Josh at home for the birthday party. If not for the nice kid, I'd say don't even go. She's nuts.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. She's delusional and Josh needs to be really blunt with her and tell her to leave him alone. Thank god your moving!