Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random Stuff

~Halloween is coming up!  Although I am not a huge Halloween person, I don't really decorate or buy like special candy or anything and I never, ever dress up, I am excited that I have two little people to costume this year!  I am making our own costumes, pretty much.  Annika will be Pippi Longstocking!  I've been waiting for her to be Pippi Longstocking since birth since she's always had red hair and now her hair is finally long enough to be be braided around pipe cleaners!  I have everything I need for her costume, I just need to put it all together.  Annabel will be a simple black cat.  I'm going to buy her a black onesie.  We have tights and pants in case it's cold (it usually isn't) and black Mary Jane shoes.  I will be buying her little black ears and a tail and then I'll draw little whiskers on her face.  A cat is a cute and easy costume for someone who is super shy and will probably require me to carry her the entire time while our Pippi runs door to door.

~In an effort to cut down on spending and save money for our road trip next year (we are FINALLY getting around to our Gaitlinburg/Asheville/Charlotte trip) I've decided that all clothing we buy will be 2nd hand.  Luckily there are a few local stores for me and Josh that are awesome for 2nd hand clothes (my personal favorite is our Goodwill where I buy Ann Taylor dress pants for work for $4!).  The girls are pretty much set for clothes through the winter (if we have winter this year) and there are a few local consignment shops around that I could always check out.  My only exception to this rule is if we can buy something new for under $5, which is possible, especially when Target has sales on tanks and tee shirts for me and the girls.

~A lady at Target yesterday came up to me and asked me how the girls both got red hair when my hair is BLACK.  I bought the wrong hair dye color, it said "medium golden brown" which actually translates on my hair to BLACK.  I told her that my husband has red hair.  I cannot wait for some of this dye to wash out.  I'm thinking on getting a more reddish color so that the girls and I look slightly similar in the hair department.

~I would just like to state that I am the world's worse Word with Friends player.  So if you are playing a game with me I swear I do not have some sort of learning disability, I'm just super bad at Scrabble.  I've one only one game ever, against Josh, and most games I lose by more than 100 points.  Whatever.


  1. I've been trying to convince the kids to be something for Halloween that won't cost a fortune. I'm going to try and make whatever I can; who wants to spend $100 on costumes that they wear for a few hours. It's usually chilly here for trick or treating and they normally have to wear their coats over their costumes anyway.

    Whenever I try to dye my hair lighter it always turns red. I really want to get it blonder and since it's short now it will be easier to color but I'm hoping it doesn't just turn bright red.

  2. Target marks down their kids clothes every Monday. I have gotten some great deals (6 sleeper onesies for under $10.00). I highly recommend scoping out Targets on Monday nights!

  3. I have brown hair and both my girls are blond, thanks to their dad, too. I was so afraid after Karina was born that someone would think she wasn't really mine and try to take her away from me! Luckily our eyes are exactly the same, so I figured that saved me. Not that I've ever had that happen, but you know, the whole paranoid mommy fears...