Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I love doing pictures on Instagram.  I think they typically look better than normal/boring iPhone pictures plus I like how they're framed and look old like my dad's old collection of pictures that I have.

Sweet Annabel.  We still can't figure out who she looks like!  But check out that pout!  She's going to have great lips!

Annika would like to inform the world "this is MY baby and she's cute!" (poor Annabel!)
 I see a future runner.  She ran an entire mile and I forced her to stop 3 times, 2 times to cross a road (holding my hand) and once to drink her entire cup of water.

Annabel, total and complete refusal to drink from a sippy cup.  I didn't have this issue with Annika, I handed her a sippy at 5 months old and she drank.  Here Annabel is waving a bottle of water which she threw on the floor because she also refuses to drink water, only wants formula!


  1. They're cute! She'll be ok with just formula for now. :) maybe she'll be like E. SHE'll decide when she does stuff. Haha