Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dance Class!!

Our crazy red headed monster is really starting to get this whole dance class thing. When we pulled into the parking lot of the dance school she yelled "yay, ballet!"  She just loves it!

She did GREAT today.  I only saw her once run around a bit and when the teacher's helper asked her to get back into line she did.

I did notice some of the other little girls not allowing her to stand next to them and one of them kind of pushed her away from her.  Annika is a bit more crazy and "in your face" than the other girls and it's just her personality.  Clearly not everyone likes that personality.  I'm sure when I was younger I wouldn't have wanted some crazy little girl running around me :-)  Luckily Annika doesn't take things personally or get upset so she just walked to the back of the line.  I'm glad that she doesn't seem overly sensitive yet with things like that.

After class we had some frozen yogurt at a shop down the street from us.  It was a nice treat.  Annika had chocolate with chocolate chips and strawberries and I had chocolate/cheesecake swirl with Oreo pieces.

I braided her hair again and she's actually the one that suggested the ribbons.  She handed them to me after I finished braiding and it did look cute.  She called it "ballet hair".  A few of the other mothers commented that they wish they could braid like that and one of the little girls told her mom she wanted her to do it to her hair. I might need to set up some braiding lessons with the other moms because none of them know how to braid!

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  1. I bet the moms would love you to show them how to do some fancy braids. Especially if you're all just kind of sitting around during class. How fun! I'm so glad she loves class so much.