Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ballet Class #2

Today we had Annika's second ballet class.  It was much, much better!!  I talked to the teacher the second I saw her and said that Annika has been talked to and said she will be a good girl in class.  I explained that I think she was just a bit excited last week and a bit overwhelmed.  She totally understood and said that she's fine.

I watched the teacher call roll first. All the girls have to sit on the red x's on the floor and Annika did it this time!  I also heard her say "yes" when the teacher called her name.  Improvement already!

Annika also waited her turn and followed directions.  You could really see her little crazy personality a lot during class with her dance moves across the floor!  But this week was different, she was behaving.

We only had one hiccup today.  Right as we were walking out the door at home to the car Annika tripped and skinned her knees, which also ripped her pink tights, the only pair I bought.....for $14.....Poor girl, she was even more worried about the tights than her one knee that was bleeding!  I brought her back into the house, stripped off the tights, put a band aid on her knee and ran out the door so we wouldn't be late.  I also reassured her at least 5 times that I could buy her a new pair (of much cheaper) tights tomorrow.  Annika decided to be super dramatic, limping (it wasn't THAT bad of a scrap), and telling me to be careful!  She holds out her little hands (like she's saying stop) and says "careful, careful momma, I got a boo boo".  She even went to bed with the band aid on still.

Then she talked about the penguin band aid the entire way to dance school.  Luckily she stopped talking about it when we got there and was excited to see the other little girls!

Here she is waiting for class to start, boo boo's and all:

And I swear we do still have Annabel even though my posts lately have been very Annika focused, a full Annabel post next!

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  1. Poor knees, but yaaaaay for a better day at ballet! I knew she could do it!