Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Weekend

Uggghhh...how is it already Tuesday???  I'm such a slacker lately with blogging!

Annabel sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time.  She loved getting to look around.  We usually have her in her infant car seat but someone decided to grow too much and now she's too tall for it!

We still can't figure out which family member Annabel looks like!  Josh and I are thinking she looks like my mom but a lot of people are saying my dad.

I went braiding crazy this weekend.  I was so excited to realize that Annika's hair is long enough for all the great braids I know how to do!

Here is she playing at Whole Foods after we walked around the local farmer's market.  We were hot so we cooled off with some Whole Foods pizza and some warm soup for Josh :-)

I'm like crazy proud of this one.  I've always wanted to do this on her hair, or anyone's hair, and I'm glad it turned out good! 

Then so I wouldn't feel left out I did my own while talking to Josh on our porch.  It took me like 2 minutes and he couldn't believe how well it turned out and how fast I can braid.  

I learned to braid from one of my mom's hairdressers when I was around 8 years old.  My mom wanted her hair braided every once in a while so I watched the hairdresser and was just able to do it, just like that.  Then my parents bought me a book about braids so that's where I learned how to do the one I did on Annika and a few more that I can't wait to try on her!  Luckily now if I tell her to not touch her hair she actually leaves it alone!!

Today Annabel pulled up to standing on her own!  It was the first time that I've seen her do it but I guess Josh said he saw her do it yesterday.

Now she does it all the time.  Then she gets stuck because she can't figure out how to sit down and she freaks out.  Poor girl needs to learn how to lower herself to a sitting position! 

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  1. Annabel cracks me up! She is SO cute! I love the braids. Karina barely lets me brush her hair. I'm lucky if I get a clippie in it! I can't even French braid. I can do a plain braid but that's it. Yours are gorgeous.