Friday, September 7, 2012

Annabel's Post

I rarely get to talk about this little sweet pumpkin but she's still here!

Annabel is such a chill, relaxed baby that there's really no dramatic stories or naughtiness occurring yet.

We do have a few newer things happening though!

She's trying to pull up to stand!  Just can't figure out how to get those feet on the ground and the legs straight.

She has so much hair that I've kind of given up on trying to control it!  It's long and wavy/curly and I love it when it looks crazy!  It gives her more character.

Annabel is a grabber.  I can't wear long earrings (not that I usually do anyway) and my necklace has been pulled on so many times that I'm surprised it hasn't snapped yet.  If she can't get my necklace she's grabbing the front of my shirt or my sleeve.

We also can't leave anything within her reach on the dining room table when she's in her hair chair, she'll just grab it!  Annika has even learned to stay away from her because she grabs her toes!

She has mastered crawling.  It's impossible to keep her out of the kitchen so I have to be very careful not to step back and step on her!  Sometimes I feel little hands reaching up my legs because she's trying to climb me!  She also likes to crawl around and follow me just like Bo, our dog, does.  

She's such a happy girl.  Never cries when she gets a bath or water in her eyes (ummm..someone else still screams like she's being murdered when water gets in her eyes), sleeps 12 hours, has incredible patience to just chill if we're dealing with an Annika meltdown, and she LOVE to laugh and smile.

I think her toothless smile is adorable.  I know I've shared this picture before but it's my favorite, it really shows off her personality.  Still no signs of teeth, at all!


  1. Sounds a lot like my two little ones. Viktor is the dramatic one and Riley is the chilaxed one.