Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Had An Anniversary

Yep I'm awful but Josh and I did have an anniversary back on September 18th, it was our 7 year dating anniversary!

Never would I have guessed that after that first date with the guy from the dentist office that we'd have 2 beautiful red headed babies 7 years later and have a pretty perfect life together (besides the whole not seeing each other during the week)!

Us back in 2008

So I totally tried to find an old picture of us and couldn't.  I forgot we lived in ancient times back in 2005 with our 35mm camera and no computer!  So I had to settle for this picture of us back in 2008, pre-babies :-)

And us now!! (well in August, it's the only group shot I have of us)


  1. Amazing how time changes things. So wonderful!

  2. You have such a beautiful little family!! The love is definately evident!