Sunday, September 23, 2012

9 Months (yesterday)

How did this baby get to be 9 months old already??

~Annabel can now pull up to stand on her own.

~She crawls with incredible speed!

~She says "dadadadadaaaaaa" and a few other sounds but nothing specific like "mama" or "dada" yet.

~Totally refuses to drink out of a sippy cup.  LOVES her bottles, baby food (mostly stage 3) and "puffs".

~No teeth still!

~Weights about 20 pounds and is a little over 30 inches tall as she outgrew her Chicco Keyfit 30 in height!  (Her head was less than an inch from the top.)  She's barely 5 inches shorter than Annika right now!

~Sleeps 12 hours at night straight through.

~Refuses to let us read her books, she always grabs them and tries to eat them!

~Loves her big sister, she always smiles at her and laughs.

~Wears mostly 9 and 12 month size clothes.  Outgrew all her 6-9 month onesies this month and now wears "real" clothes like shirts with shorts and little dresses.

~Still falls asleep the second I put her in the double jogging stroller when I go out for runs with the girls.  I swear she's never even see the course we take!

~Tries to climb up the stairs to the 2nd floor of our house!  Scary, so we have to put a baby gate up at the bottom and top of the stairs since she's very curious (Annika had a crazy fear of going down stairs on her own until she was at least 18 months old).

~Hair is getting longer, past her shoulders now but not getting much thicker.  We might give her a trim at home soon.


  1. This "leotard" is basically a onesie:

    Here is another:

  2. Wow! She is so big! Doesn't it seem like yesterday our babies were really babies? Elena was 8 months old on the 15th, and she weighs 19.5 lbs! I don't remember how long she is though. That's crazy though. She's in mostly 12 month stuff. Some of the 9 month things fit her but not much. Oh they grow so fast! (I wish Elena slept as good as Annabel though!)