Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Does anyone know where I can buy a plain black long sleeve onesie for Annabel?  I cannot believe that I can't find just a plain one anywhere!  They all say "Happy Halloween" on them or have some other sort of design on the front.  I need it for her kitty Halloween costume.  I already looked at Michaels and they only had t-shirts and not even any small enough to fit her.  I tried looking online but all I can find is wholesalers and I'm not about to order a box of 50 of them!

I'm hoping the girls can tolerate my running schedule.  Right now I take them twice week on a 3.5 mile run.  Next week it increases to 4 miles for 2 weeks, then 4.5 miles for 2 weeks and finally 5 miles.  Right now Annabel falls asleep the second she sits in the stroller but Annika starts getting a little crazy around mile 3.  The whole last 1/2 mile of my run Annika was trying to turn around to look at me and she kept saying "hug momma".  She wants a hug so she can spider monkey climb up me and get out of the stroller!  I don't know of anyone that can watch them during the week in the evenings so I just hope Annika can deal with longer runs or I'm going to have to start running a lot faster!

Sometimes Annika showers with me because I'm lazy and it's easier to clean her when she just gets in with me.  Josh used to take her in with him last year but had to stop because she was getting a little too curious and kept trying to touch him!  So we taught her to call her private area and everyone else's private area "privates" (we thought it was a lot better than vagina, she would probably scream that in public or something).  Today in the shower she was pointing out my "boo boo" (my c-section scar) and then tilts her head down and says "let me see your privates momma, let me see".  Uggghhh...she's such a curious child!!

Annika also told the cashier at Target last week that "daddy slapped my butt". We don't spank but about 2 months ago Josh went into the closet to grab his shirt and Annika picked up Annabel and dropped her (luckily Annabel wasn't hurt, she was just freaked out that she got dropped even though it was a short distance!).  So he smacked her butt and put her in time out.  For some reason just now she's decided to tell the world that "daddy slapped my butt".  I hope she just doesn't start saying it in ballet tomorrow!


  1. So funny! My 3 year old calls it her "privacy". Annika sounds like a hilarious kid. Love it!

  2. Have you looked in the baby boys' section? Sometimes you can find solid colors there. Also try consignment shops.

    That's pretty funny that she's so curious. Karina has been, too; she sees me undress and used to shower with me sometimes, too. But we always use the correct terms. A friend of mine is a juvenile probation officer and found out that using the correct terms for body parts is a deterrent to sexual predators. So we just always use the right words, even though I myself don't always like to say them! I did have a friend once whose daughter named hers her "princess and vallerina (ballerina)". Pretty funny.

  3. I was going to suggest the boys section too for a black onesie - I feel like I have seen some at Children's Place or Old Navy.