Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Do Babies with No Teeth Eat??

I think Annabel is hungry for real food.  She'll be 8 months old in just 2 weeks!!  How is this even possible?

At 8 months old Annika was working on growing molars already.  Annabel is totally toothless!  There's not even a bump or sign that a tooth is coming besides some slobbering that has been going on for months.

So what do I feed this child??

This is what her schedule looks like now:

8am: 10 ounce bottle of formula
1pm: 1 jar of baby food-it's an oatmeal/fruit mix and a 6 ounce bottle
5pm: 1 jar of baby food-veggie and a 6 ounce bottle
6pm: yogurt-Annabel added this in yesterday because after finishing off her 5pm meal she was still hungry
7:30pm: 1 jar of baby food-fruit mixed with oatmeal and another 6 ounce bottle

I'm not sure what else to feed her!  She's eating all stage 2 baby foods.  I tried to feed her those little puffs that dissolve in your mouth but even when I cut the tiny little piece in half she still acted like she was choking. She watches us eat all the time and I feel bad that she can't have any of it since she has no teeth!

Plus I tried giving her a little water after her yogurt yesterday to help wash it down and she refused it.  She's never had plain water before.  I also can't get her to drink from a sippy cup, even the ones with the squishy spouts like I used with Annika.

I can't believe how different these girls are!!  I know by 8 months old I was packing Annika a lunch for daycare that included a sandwich and real pieces of fruit along with sippy cups!


  1. Alex sounds a lot like Annabel in the eating department, although he had teeth early like Annika. He didn't drink from a sippy until he turned one and he didn't really move to all table food until 15 months. It is amazing how different kids can be! It sounds like she is getting plenty to eat. I would keep trying the puff and maybe cutting up some of those yogurt melts since she likes yogurt.

  2. You could start with the Gerber puffs. I break them in half and Riley gums them. Riley doesn't have teeth yet either.

  3. Elena won't eat anything at all, so at least she's eating! I would just give her more of the baby food. If you give her like a baby version of a meal, she should be filled up enough to not be starving. If she still seems hungry, just feed her more. At least, that's what I would do. Good luck!