Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yesterday I signed up Annika for dance classes!!  She'll start 2 weeks from tomorrow and I'm so excited for her.

So a little background on this dance class.  She's only 2 but people are always mistaking her for 3.  I couldn't find a single dance school that offered a class for 2 years that was in the afternoon and that wasn't in a "mommy and me" format.  I can't do that since in the afternoons I'll always have Annabel too.  I went to my old dance school and couldn't believe that in the 25 years since I went there (yes, I feel old typing that) that they haven't remodeled AT ALL.  The place smelled like mold!!  The lady there said "oh so she'll be in our 3 year old class, right".  Well, yes she would be :)  but I didn't like that the school was so old and it's $60 a month.  I drove to a school that is a bit closer to us and in a nicer area and only $40 a month and signed her up there. The catch, I told them she's 3, I changed her birthday from 11-7-9 to 7-7-9.  Yes, I lied to get my child into dance!!  But I know she can handle it and she's ready to interact with other kids!

I just ordered her leotard, tights and ballet shoes.  I'm so excited for her to start dance and I hope she loves it!  Plus it'll be nice for Annabel and me to have 40 minutes of momma-baby time while Annika is dancing once a week :)


  1. You're not the only one, I'm sure! I bet she'll love it.

  2. Oh she'll love dancing! A couple months in age isn't going to make a difference either way.

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! I need to find B something for "just her" after little man arrives. Dance may just be the ticket! Can't wait to see some pics of her in her cute little leo and shoes ;-) I bet Annika will have a BLAST!