Thursday, August 23, 2012


Annika copies us all the time.  Sometimes it's cute and sometimes it's frightening!!

This was Josh and Annika last Friday grocery shopping with me.  Luckily she had pockets, I think if she didn't she would have had a fit!

Also while we were in the store Josh and Annika had to go back to get something we forgot.  They were trying to catch up with me and Annabel with the cart and I hear Annika yelling for me "momma, momma, wait!!!  Wait momma, wait for daddy and Annika!!"  She even put her hand up like I do when I say it to her!

One more week till dance class starts!!  I know I'm so much more excited than her but lately Annika has been saying "I want ballet!" so I'm really hoping she enjoys it!

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