Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August??!!

~How is it August already??  People I only have 4 months to plan Annika's 3rd birthday party!!  Annabel will be 1 in less than 5 months which means Christmas is coming that soon too????  Uggghhh....time is going by too fast!  I just realized I have Halloween before that too and no ideas for costumes yet!!

~Annika has told me a few times that she "no yike my bed".  She's sleeping fine in it so I think the issue is that we haven't sold her toddler bed yet and it's in Annabel's room.  For some reason she thinks she should be sleeping in there with Annabel.  She told me twice yesterday afternoon "I sleep with babys in my bed".

~I've discovered Instagram on my new phone!  Are there any other apps for iPhones that I need to get?

Annabel looks even sweeter with Instagram! :-)  Josh says she looks upset.

Annika was teaching Annabel how to draw an "A".  She said, "look babys, draw a A yike dis".  Afterwards Annabel grabbed the piece of paper out of the notebook, ripped it to pieces and tried to eat it..

~Josh and I started our training for Tough Mudder. It seems to me like I do a workout with him Friday evening or Saturday and  then he's done for the entire weekend!  He about dies when we do squats or any other leg exercises so we're really focusing on that for him.  Arm exercises hurt me the most so we're doing a lot of those for me too.  I'm also going for runs still, by myself on the weekend and with the girls in the stroller during the week.  I just feel like we need to pick up the weekend workouts some, once a weekend isn't going to be enough!

~Looking forward to having some of my family come over for a visit Sunday afternoon!  I like that we're getting together more and more.

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  1. I love the things Annika says. She is so cute! I think she'll be happier when the toddler bed is gone, too.

    If it's only 5 months til Christmas, then it's only 5 1/2 months til Elena's first birthday, too, and Karina's 4th!!! No, no no, my baby is not FOUR! The time just goes too fast.