Friday, August 3, 2012

Things We Are Loving

Annika's current favorite 3 books, we read these 3 every night.

Annabel!  Look at this baby standing at 7 months old!  Annika was over 10 months when she did this!

YoBaby yogurt in banana!  Annika ate this when she was a baby and about a year ago decided she hated yogurt.  Now that Annabel eats it, of course, Annika has to eat it too.  I just wish I could find a sugar-free whole milk yogurt for Annabel though.  Any ideas?

My iPhone!  I love the white one I picked and it does so many cool things, plus it takes way better pictures than my old phone!

Our car that is just the perfect size for us!  We've done 2 weekend trips in it and 1 trip to the beach.  It's so nice to have more room and 4 doors!


  1. How to make homemade yogurt:

    I'm totally going to try this!! Seems cheap and easy (although time consuming). And I love that you know EXACTLY what the ingredients are. It won't be flavored, but you could just add fruit! She tells you how to make it vanilla flavored by adding sugar, however I'd bet you could get away with stirring in honey instead of sugar at the end and get the same sweetening effect.

    1. don't forget, though, that babies can't have honey until they're a year old. :)

  2. whole milk plain yogurt and add your own fruit? Sugar-Free anything made with fake sugars is worse for you than the real sugar.

  3. Hey girl just checking in! I hate how blogger won't show the private blogs on your reader. I've really got to figure this out. :( Happy to see all is well with you!