Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Weekend

We had a hurricane come close to us!  Nothing horrible at all.  All we had was some rain, not even any really high winds.  Work closed our office yesterday which is going to be horrible I think.  I just know they're going to try to convince us all to come in Saturday...

Now I know in other places when people hear hurricane there is mass panic.  Not here in FL.  The majority of us do nothing at all to prepare.  I bought 2-24 bottle cases of water Friday and filled up one of our cars with gas.  Then after my aunt texted me in a panic about the hurricane "coming straight for us" I went to the dollar store and bought 2 candle lighters and 4 candles.

That's it.  Our neighbors didn't do anything at all except buy wine!

I was keeping up with what was going on with the hurricane by looking to see what my local Facebook friends were posting.  We canceled our cable so we have no local news channels to watch.  If I didn't have Facebook we wouldn't have even known there was a hurricane!  The last time we had a tropical storm come close to us I didn't even know about it until I checked my Weather Channel app on my phone to see why we were having so much rain!

Ahhh...ignorance is bliss sometimes but I guess I need to keep up with weather better.

This was the model of the storm I saw Saturday morning from one of my friends.

Then the damn thing didn't even come close!

And another friend posted this:

Yep, here in FL we think it's a joke!

So I got a free paid day off of work yesterday.  The girls and I played with bubbles and I took Annika out for a ride on her tricycle.

I can't complain, I got to hang out with this all day and I got paid still:


  1. I don't panic about hurricanes, either. Tornadoes, now that's another story. Glad you guys are all safe!

  2. I remember... Andrew.... that wasn't a joke.... we were lucky.... we had down trees... some our family lost houses...