Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chicken Debate

I think almost everyone on my Facebook has taken some sort of stand on the whole Chick-fil-a thing.

First of all, they are closed on Sundays, they obey the Sabbath, they are clearly Christian and then everyone acts surprised that the chain doesn't support gay marriage.

Really people??  Of course they don't support gay marriage!  While I do know some Christians that do support it this company happens not to.  No big deal.  Not a big reason to stop eating there.

But I do have a HUGE reason to stop eating there.  The article that stopped us from eating there all together.

I came across a blog called Food Babe and saw a story she did last year about the Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich having over 100 ingredients!   Then I read a story about an investigation she did on Chick-fil-a recently for (another great blog if you are trying to clean up your diet!).  That article made me realize all the chemicals were were putting into our bodies every time we ate there!  Also made me realize why Annika is such a hyper monster after we eat the nuggets from there!  I don't even understand why they are so many ingredients in any of their foods!!  I know if we were to make homemade chicken nuggets we would use chicken, bread crumbs, seasonings, egg and then oil if we were to fry them but usually I just bake chicken.

So while I could care less if someone is for or against gay marriage, especially a company, think about the health consequences of eating there instead.  Your health is way more important!

**A little disclaimer, I do not get political on this blog (did on my old one and lost a ton of readers) but I will say that I honestly do not care if gay people are allowed to get married.  If they love each other let them do it.  While I have no interest in marrying a woman (clearly!) I don't feel it's my right to tell someone else they can't marry the person they honestly love.  The end.**


  1. LOL I think it's funny too that everyone all.of.a.sudden realizes that they don't support gay marriage. Of course they don't, they are religious of the christian faith. So what. I'm like you, I don't care either way and I really don't care that they don't support it. Whatever. It's interesting about all the chemicals though. I'm always scared to find out what I'm really eating.

  2. You make such a good point: Chik Fil A is fast food. It's not health food. I know people who love their chicken and think it tastes better than other nuggets/chicken from fast food places. I personally don't like it, and we can't eat there anyway because of Karina's peanut allergy (they cook in peanut oil). I think if it were to be investigated, all fast food chains probably have as many ingredients: fillers, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. I can't even think of what else they'd do to food. They do it because it's pre-made, so that when you drive up, boom, there it is (and I'm not saying this to you personally, more to "you" plural, as in the general population, or maybe myself, ha ha). I hate fast food, although secretly I love it. I try to avoid it when I can, but sometimes I just really want a nugget. So I don't deprive myself but I try to be reasonable.

    And I'm with you on the gay marriage thing. My personal opinion is, who cares? It's not doing anything to me. I'm glad you don't get political (my hubs is a politics junkie and I can't take it!), but I am also glad you shared your opinion. Thanks for doing that.