Friday, August 10, 2012

Selling Baby Clothes

Yep it's official (well it has been for a while) there are no more babies coming into this house!

So it's time to sell baby clothes and crap!!

I'm signing up to consign all our baby clothes and equipment we don't need anymore with this place.  I've never sold anything through them before but I have been to one of their sales when Annika was a baby. I bought a ton of clothes for about $20.

What you do is hang all your clothes on hangings, tag them, enter them into their database and then bring them into the store they rent out for the sale.  Pretty much it's a huge children's yard sale but without the hassle of me having to deal with people wanting to pay me five cents for my Gymboree and Children's Place clothes.

The biggest issue I think I'll have is that the sale runs from Monday-Friday.  I have to bring in all my stuff I'm selling during the day on Monday (I think) and put the sales stickers on everything.  Totally not catering to the working mother!  I'm going to have to either leave work early that day or call in sick just to participate!  I really want to do it though to sell some of the nicer things I have (I gave away a lot of stuff to a friend that is having a girl already and some of my stuff just needs to be donated after having both girls wear it).  I also might try to sell the toddler bed I can't seem to sell on Craigslist and the Sit N Stand stroller I have that also isn't selling!

I refuse to look at clothes for the girls though.  Annabel has enough and Annika is good until size 4.  Plus my family seems to have much better taste in clothing for the girls than even me so I hope they just continue to buy them cute things! :-)

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  1. I am in the middle of one of those flash sales right now. We could drop off on Tuesday from 9 to like 8pm though. We had to tag everything before we brought it in, put it all on hangers, and then just put it in the right spots at the place. We pick up what is left that we chose not to donate on Saturday. They let us choose to donate if we wanted or not. Most of mine is for donation, with only a few nicer things not (if they don't sell). I hope you have fun and make a lot of money!