Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dining Room Plans

Our dining room is blah, very blah.  We have a round glass table and 4 chairs.  One chair is pushed away so that Annabel's highchair can take it's place.  There is a black book shelf for Annika's books and some black frames on the wall with some family photos, many that are very, very outdated and need to be replaced!

So we have BIG plans for our dining room!

Step 1: Get rid of everything that is currently in there.  Table, chairs (we still need the highchair), frames and bookshelf.

Step 2: Beg, plead, and pay our neighbor that Josh is friends with, and who happens to be a contractor, to help us build this:

I've already measured and it will fit perfectly in our dining room and we both love the rustic look of it.

Step 3: Collect chairs to go with table.  We're thinking that we need 6 chairs but we want to buy 6 completely different chairs in 6 different colors.  Preferably we want primary colors.  I think we'll probably end up at Ikea and some consignment or antique stores to buy them.

Step 4: New picture frames.  I know at Ikea they have a package of frames that are light wood for around 99 cents.  We haven't decided if we're going to try to stain them to match the table or paint them to go with the chairs.

Step 5: Make this:

We have a slightly different idea to use Skyy vodka bottles instead.  Josh is going to try to go to a local bar to see if we can get anyone to save some for us so that we don't have to buy vodka and drink it since neither one of us drinks liquor anymore!  I think they would be prettier in our colorful dining room.

Now we just need to get started!  We're always putting things off so I really want to get to work on this project so we can hopefully get it done by the time we have Thanksgiving at our house.

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