Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Intimidating Person Here

Did you all know that people find me intimidating?

Josh went fishing with a guy that lives down the street from us and apparently it's the talk of the neighborhood.

First off I hate everyone.

Secondly I hate this guy's wife.

Thirdly a lot of people think I'm an intimidating person.

Luckily I have Josh to set people straight.

First of all I do not hate everyone!!  This is some weird thing that people at work think too.  I do not hate you if I do not speak to you every single time I see you.  I'm one of those people that typically doesn't start a conversation with anyone first.  I don't really approach people unless they engage me in conversation first.  I'm sort of shy like that.  I don't mean to be rude or come off as hating people I just typically have a hard time starting up a conversation with people so I just don't!  It's my personality and it's nothing personal toward anyone!

Secondly I have seen this guy's wife 3 times in the last 2 years.  Seriously 3 times!  To me she's insecure if she thinks I hate her.  I've actually spoken to her once and thought she was nice and her little boy is just a little older than Annika and they seemed to like each other.  I even talked to her about him!

Thirdly I am 5'2 and 120 pounds.  Am I really an intimidating person?  This is not the first, or second, or even third time someone has told Josh I'm intimidating.

Reasons people give for me being intimidating:

~I seem to have everything "together", I dress in clean clothes, my hair looks perfect (people must be blind, I've been sporting a messy bun/headband combo for 3 weeks now to hide my gray hair), the girls look put together, the girls behave, blah, blah.

~I run 4 times a week and have the 2 girls by myself every single evening.

~I also cook them dinners and myself dinners and pack Annika a lunch for during the day and we've cut out processed junk so I'm always making something, baking something or cutting up fruits or veggies.

~I lost all my baby weight twice.

~I work full time with two kids.

I'm sure there are more things but those are the thinks that Josh gets told a lot.

Josh says he thinks people think I'm intimidating because I have a "bitch look" on my face sometimes!  I swear I am not a mad/unhappy/horrible person!  I do smile but I guess my relaxed/normal looking face looks bitchy!

One thing that my friend at work and I have noticed is that I am NEVER approached by a homeless person asking for money .  Proof that even at 5'2 I scare the shit out of people or at least seem unapproachable :-)  I'll take that one with all the homeless people that harrass my co-workers when they walk down the street at work.

Luckily I don't care if people don't like me and honestly if people think I hate them that's there own deal really, right?  At least I know I don't hate them!  I am going to work on the approaching people and being more friendly-ish towards people in our new neighborhood and I hope I don't intimidate people there because I'd actually like to make some new friends close to were we live!


  1. I'm sorry people think that about you, even if it doesn't bother you much. I wouldn't want people to think that about me, either. My mom was/is really super shy and everyone in high school thought she was stuck up. But she wasn't, she's just shy. I'm shy too, but I guess I'm more of a 'fearful' looking shy. He he.

  2. I think my relaxed face can look bitchy too. Not fair right! I am also a bit shy with new people and worry sometimes that it comes off as stuck up. I still remember my advisor in nursing school telling me that I came off as a bit "aloof" at times. WHAT?! I'll never forget that one. In the meantime, keep being you! I love your blog and am happy you are so faithful with it.

  3. Doesn't EVERYONE'S face look a little bitchy unless we are slapping a smile on it all the time? Maybe it's just mine....but, that sucks that people think those things about you without knowing you. I am the type of person that doesn't necessarily get intimidated by people that "have it all together" but maybe I am just a little jealous? Cause, I am so NOT that person. But, I want to be friends with people like that because then maybe I'll get some tips. ha! Your kids are adorable! -Meredith