Monday, February 11, 2013

New Idea

We've been so busy lately and I've been spending more time in the kitchen.  We're making more of our snacks from scratch and having a ton of fun doing it.  Annika loves rolling dough for her graham crackers and helping stir different mixes.  She even helped me make crock pot chili yesterday.

With that I've decided to start up a food blog.  Not yet because our kitchen has horrid lighting for pictures and minimal counter space, but I will be starting up in April after we move into our new home.

I like to alter normal recipes to make them healthier or sugar-free.  My taste testers so far agree that the things that I make a delicious :)  that's what has inspired me to create a blog of my recipes complete with pictures.  I hope to maybe, someday, possibly create a cookbook.

Now for an idea for the name.  I want to actual make it a legitimate blog, with a website name that I purchase.  No more

I want to go somewhere along the lines of "mac & cheese" something, I know for copyright issues I probably can't actually use "mac & cheese", or possibly something with our last name (I'm pretty sure most blog readers know my last name).  I wanted to use "mac & cheese" since when I was little that was pretty much the only thing I would eat and I want to make my blog recipes simple, healthy, and quick for working moms (like me) that don't want to serve macaroni and cheese every single night!

What do you all think?  Any ideas for names?

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  1. What about something like 'not your average mac', 'macaroni no more', 'stuck on mac', 'mac and then some' or something like that? Then under the blog name you could add the part about making simple, healthy, quick recipes for moms like you. I can't wait. I'm trying to do better about cooking and right now I pretty much follow whatever is in the Jessica Seinfeld cookbooks (since they incorporate veggies in every dish and it's currently the only way I can get Karina to eat veggies).