Friday, March 1, 2013

The Girls

Can you believe that this girl is 14 months old???

Annabel loves to swing so this week we've walked down to the "good" playground down the street that has swings.  Her laughs are amazing and turn any bad day into a good one!

She's still not walking.  She can stand on her own without holding anything and can walk holding hands with one of us (she even does it with Annika) but she's just not confident enough to just let go and walk!

Last week she started to talk a bit more!  She says hi, bye and that.  She always says "that" and points to things and wants us to tell her what they are.  Little sponge is probably just observing now and I can imagine that before we know she'll been speaking in full sentences like Annika!

Annabel also now has a total of 6 teeth!!  So far behind on the teeth growing than Annika but she's just as easy as Annika was with teething.  I haven't been able to tell that either one was teething, just one day I see a new tooth with no signs or warnings that it was coming!!

Annika is very much a "mommy's girl" lately.  I guess I'm enjoying it while it lasts because once she turns 13 she'll hate me (those teenage years are going to suck!).

The other night she asked to stay up and color in my bed while I showered so I let her.  This is how she was when I got out.  I had to carry her to bed which isn't easy when she's more than half my height and around 40 pounds!  She's totally not a baby anymore :(

Saturday Josh and I got out for a date for our anniversary and Annika went over to our neighbor's (and one of our best friend) house.  She has a thing with her Dyson vaccuum because she always requests to clean for her!  Needless to say she's welcomed anytime over to their house!

Friday night I felt a little down because once again I overheard everyone making plans to do a happy hour and I'm never invited.  I don't know if it's the whole intimidating thing or that everyone assumes I can go because of the girls (they're right, I probably would stay about 30 minutes and miss the girls and go home!).  So I did what Annika and I think is the most fun and we stayed up late watching a movie in my bed.  She brought all her favorite toys (monkeys and cats currently) and we watched one of the Ice Age movies (I think it's the 2nd one).  We had a good time, stayed up way too late and then she slept in till 9 on Saturday!

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  1. I'm sorry they don't invite you. I can think of all kinds of snide, snarky things you could do or say but I'm trying to be nicer. :-) I'm glad you and Annika did something together. I like having nights like that with Karina, too.

    Elena is about the same as Annabel on walking. She walks while holding on, but only takes a couple steps on her own. She also does this crazy, sideways, right-leg-always-first stepping thing which is hysterical to watch.