Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Stuff

~We had a 3 day weekend and it was a busy one.

~Starting Friday night we were eating at Jason's Deli and Annabel decided to shove too much pizza in her mouth and started to choke.  Poor girl turned blue and luckily Josh was able to swipe a large amount of pizza out of her mouth and then gag her so that the rest came up.  Then she whined only a little when we tried to take the pizza away from  her!  She didn't cry at all.  Luckily she's fine but now we have to sit directly next to her whenever she eats because she's just too fast at shoving food in her mouth.

~Saturday we went to the house.  The major progress was that we have a driveway, garage door and cabinets!

Then there were the issues with the house.  The cabinet guy must have dropped one of our kitchen cabinets and just installed it anyway and he didn't want to install the island where we wanted it, so he requested to have the electrical outlet moved when we requested that the outlet be moved to where it is now.  We wanted the island out a little to give us more space in between the fridge.  

Also someone is smoking cigarettes in our house!  Last weekend we saw one cigarette butt and told the building manager and got the "oh we fire people on the spot that are smoking, blah, blah, blah" story.  Well Saturday there was a cigarette butt in every single room!  We've found out that it's illegal to smoke inside now that we have drywall and windows so we're calling the county if we find it again.  It's just rude and gross.

~Saturday night we got some bad news (if you're on my Facebook make sure not to mention it as he doesn't want people knowing) that Josh's step-dad (he was married to Josh's mom at the time she died) has cancer.  Since he has no insurance and doesn't qualify for assistance (he's self-employed) he will most likely not receive treatment.  He can't even find a doctor to do his surgery to see what stage cancer he has, he only knows he has Lymphoma.  Sad, keep him in your prayers.

~Then Saturday Josh dropped his brand new cell phone  He's been having issues for a long while with his cell phone and receiving refurbished phones over the last year.  Finally the company we used allowed him to sign a new contract early and get a new phone.  Then after a day he broke it!  Uggghh...luckily he took a trip to the repair shop and they can fix it for free (under his warranty) so he'll have it back on Friday.

~Monday I was off work and took the girls with me so I could get an oil change.  Annabel wasn't originally supposed to come with me, she was going to stay home with Josh while Annika and I went but she threw such a fit about me leaving with Annika that she got to come too!  She's lucky she's so cute and that she learned how to give kisses this weekend!  Sweet baby kisses are the best!

~Then I took Annika to the dentist with me while Josh and Annabel napped.  When I was called back Annika informed the lady that "we're here for momma's teeth, not me, not Annika, momma's teeth".  She was really good and just sat in a chair in the room we were in.  The new dentist at my office was horrible so we're switching to a new office closer to where we live for me and Josh.

Here is Annika at the dentist with me.

~Other that all of that our weekend was pretty good!  It was freezing, around the 60s for a high, which is super cold for us!


  1. The kitchen looks great thus far, despite the woes. Love it!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Josh's step-dad. That's just awful that they have no recourse at all. I think that happens to a lot of people in our country right now. Such a terrible, terrible thing. I hope somehow things may work out but it sounds so awful and I am so sorry.

    I'm glad your house is coming along nicely, aside from the nasty person smoking in it. Jerk. You should call the county anyway.

  3. Oh and I just thought of this; are you sure it's a worker and not someone sneaking in at night or something? We've had some issues with our church van lately where some homeless people are breaking into it at night and sleeping in it...and smoking etc. It's really gross because it ends up smelling like smoke. Is something like that possibly happening? I hope not!