Friday, February 15, 2013

Randomness as Usual

~I have so many ideas for posting recipes on a new blog!  I'm brainstorming everything right now and I'm going to be getting Josh on board with his photography skills to take my pictures for me.  I already tested my old sugar-free chocolate chip cookie recipe yesterday and it's perfect :)  well, to me and the girls, I'm taking some cookies to a friend today for her to try them too.

~I'm so ready to move!  We've started packing and moving stuff into our garage so the whole up and down the stairs on moving day is at a minimum.  The only things upstairs will be our dressers, beds and Annabel's crib.  It'll make moving day so much easier on us and the people helping us (keeping my fingers crossed that the two friends Josh asked show up, we're really short on help!).

~We're planning a housewarming party for when we move in.  Totally do not want people to get us gifts but we want to show our new home to our friends and family.  We're thinking of making invites for a Saturday for people to come by between 10am till like 7pm and just stop in, chat, take a little tour and eat some snacks and maybe have some drinks.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and all the ideas I've already gotten for things to make!

~I'm a little worried about the moving transition with the girls.  I have a feeling that Annika will be fine, nervous maybe for a night or two in her room but other than that she'll be fine.  Annabel freaks whenever we go to the house (granted it does look creepy unfinished to a baby) and last time I was her chew toy!  She bit me like 3 times out of being nervous I guess!  I have a feeling she'll be in our bed nervous for a while.  I've never had her sleep with us so I'm not looking forward to it.  Annika usually smothers me when she sleeps with us and periodically wakes up saying thinks like "I love cake" and "hi momma" over and over!

~I can't wait to have a whole week off work after we move in.  I'm also glad that even after taking that week I still have 2 more weeks saved up.  I need to plan to do something with all that vacation time.

~I hate when we have weather that's in the 80s for days and days and then suddenly they say the high will be 60.  Saturday morning I have plans on going for a run but it's supposed to be 45 (that is freezing to me).  I'd rather sweat my ass off in 80 degree heat for a run that freeze with long pants, a shirt and a jacket in 45 degrees.  I am horrible at dressing for cold weather.  People in cars passing me must think I'm a weirdo, last time it was 45 I wore gloves and a hat.  I would have worn a scarf but scarfs piss me off and I ripped it off as I was passing our car and threw it on top of it.

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  1. OMG you crack me up! I hate hats and scarves, too. I mean, scarves too, plus I also hate hats. :-)

    I think once all your stuff is in the house, Annabel will be better. She might still be a little unsure, but she can probably tell that it's transitional right now, and she feels your excitement, too. Once all your stuff is in there, I bet she'll be just fine.

    I know you can't wait! I'm looking forward to your new blog, too.