Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Changes Moving Into a House

House update!!

It's painted (there will be stone on the bottom part that is un-painted).

Our bedroom with the tray ceiling (with me and Annabel).

Our living room (Josh was clearly impressed with the tray ceiling since he took 2 pictures of them).

The front entry way (with Annika exploring).

Yay, we're right on schedule!!  The inside was painted this week and Friday they will install the cabinets, so excited to see how they look this weekend!!

We've started talking about all the changes we'll be making moving into a single family home.  When Josh and I first started dating we lived in a 1 bedroom, 2nd floor apartment.  A little over 2 years later we moved into a 2 bedroom, 3rd floor apartment in the same complex.  Then 3 years after that we moved into our 2 story, 3 bedroom townhouse.

We've always been attached to another home!  I haven't lived in a single family home in 7 1/2 years and  Josh hasn't in over 10!  It's been that long since we've lived in homes that didn't require walking up stairs (hurry for a single floor house!!).

Other changes we'll be having:

~We've never had to mow a lawn or take care of one.  Any bets on how long it'll be before we kill it?

~In the last 7 1/2 years I have bought maybe 3 light bulbs.  When you rent they change them for you unless you use your own lamps!

~We'll have a 2 car garage, not that 2 cars will ever fit because we have so much crap but we only have a single car garage now.

~We'll have to pay someone to fix stuff we break or I'll have to Google it which drives Josh nuts because according to Google I can do everything.  But I really can, I reprogrammed our Honda car key when Josh messed, someone told us we'd have to take it to the dealer but I Googled it and 20 minutes later we were set. :)

~No more keeping our windows open at night.  Since our bedrooms have never been on the ground floor we've always been able to keep them open even when we weren't home.

~We'll have a mailbox!!  A real one, right at the edge of our yard!!  We've always had the little tiny locking mailbox thing for the entire complex that you have to drive out to.

~We can paint!  We painted our kitchen in our 2nd apartment but now we can paint and then if we don't like it we can paint again!

~We can change the flooring!  Which I bet we'll do soon because I hate carpet in living rooms and our dog, Bo, likes to pee in long dribble trails if you raise your voice in his general direction!

"Hi my name is Bo, I like to shit on the floor while you go grocery shopping and then run out the front door while you're carrying the baby and tons of groceries.  Then after the neighbor's son finds me and you tell the story to dad I like to pee in a long dribble trail because I'm a jack ass."

~The girls will have a playroom!  They'll have their own rooms like they do now but I'm pretty excited to decorate and organize their playroom.

~We have to buy blinds, curtains (which we've never been able to hang because as renters we usually aren't allowed), a washer, a dryer and a fridge!  Oh and lawn equipment! That means we get to make big purchases at Home Depot which we've never gotten to do.

AAAAHHHH so exciting!!


  1. It's so exciting that you will get to do all those things! Just in case you're interested, curtains are really easy to make if you have a sewing machine and can be cheaper to make than buy. I made all the ones in our house except Karina's and Elena's because they're blackout ones. Also, by that time, I was lazy. :-) But however you do it, I know you'll enjoy it!!

  2. I agree; it's fun getting all new things for a new house. It looks really nice too!

    Glad to hear my dog isn't the only one that dribbles pee when she gets scared or knows she's in trouble.