Monday, February 25, 2013

House Update

We went for our weekly trip up to the house Saturday morning.  We now have landscaping!

Check it out!

We should have grass next week.

And we have a kitchen and a dishwasher (clearly no flooring):


Now according to the building manager (well the building manager we have this week, this is the 3rd one we've had since November) the house is on schedule.  He's wrong, it was supposed to be done today but now we're hoping it'll be done on Friday.  As in THIS Friday!!

Then we're hoping that USDA approves our loan by this Friday or early next week.  That way our closing won't be delayed!  Keeping my fingers crossed that the house gets down and the loan gets done to make it all work.

The outside of the house needs touch up paint, so does the inside, we need our oven and microwave and the floors.  Also we need the baseboards throughout the house but that's IT!  Then it's done.  We were excited that we had toliets Saturday and light fixtures throughout the house (we have some pocket lights in certain areas).

I'm really hoping to see some major stuff completed Saturday, or the entire house just done!


  1. Holy cow! Friday! That's amazing! If your house is only a few days late, that's incredible. Amazing! Unreal! So exciting! Can't wait to see it after you guys move in and decorate.

  2. Wow, it looks great. It's so nice that they do your landscaping. I did all of ours and it was quite the project. They put in the sod but I needed to do all the plants and edging, etc. I bet you're getting antsy to get moving!