Sunday, July 21, 2013

Making Friends

While living in our old townhouse we managed to make friends with only a few people.  Josh made friends with two older guys that he still plays golf with sometimes and our best friend that lived next door and her two kids.

Lucky for us our best friend has next week off from work and I just so happen to have 3 days off (just for fun, I had too many vacation hours saved up and needed to use them).  She's coming over with her two kids (13 year old boy, 14 year old girl, we love them like they're our kids!) to hang out all day and swim at our pool.  And we'll probably shop.  We always shop!

So far since we've moved out here we've been invited to dinner at 2 different family's homes.  Exciting!  We went to dinner two weeks ago at a couple's house that have a 2 1/2 year old little boy. The girls had a great time there.

Next weekend we have plans to have dinner with Annika's friend's parents.  Their daughter is only 4 months younger than Annika and they have a 2 year old son.  Annika loves their daughter.  She's super shy and I worry that Annika bullies her but I've stepped back because I know that their daughter needs to learn to say no to Annika on her own.  Still, before we go over there I plan on having a little chat with Annika about being nice, sharing and not being bossy the entire time we're there.

Now I guess I'll have to learn how to cook for a larger group of people than just us so we can invite people over for dinner too!  Eekkk!!!  At least I am offering to bring over desserts since I'm much better at baking than cooking!

I'm hoping to meet some of the families at the church we're going to.  Josh isn't able to go with me this morning so I'm taking the girls alone.  He was asked to play golf with his boss and didn't want to pass it up.  I think we'll probably go a few more times and as long as we really enjoy it still we'll join.  They have so many activities for kids and I look forward to signing Annika up for Wednesday nights. We need her to be in some more structured activities so she'll be ready for preschool next year.

We've never had many friends but I do look forward to making some new ones and making some friends with kids the same ages as the girls is going to be even better!  They'll all grow up together in our neighborhood!

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  1. I am so glad you are all making friends in your new home!